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Meekz Manny! – What Happened To Him?



Popular UK rapper, Meekz Manny has become a victim of a death hoax. It all started when a prank website published the news that Meekz Manny was shot and killed at home invasion. But a look at the website shows that the story was only a prank and never true.

They even claimed the rapper was at a home in the London Plymouth Estate at around 4:30 AM when 2 men wearing hoodies and masks broke into a house.

Is Meekz Manny Dead Or Alive?

No! Rapper Meekz Manny is not dead, he is very much alive and doing fine. The news about Meekz Manny death that has flooded social media and shared countless time is false, in fact, there is no verified source to prove he was shot.

The fake news claiming that Meekz Manny died emanated from clickbait websites and shared by rumour mongers.

The whole information about Meekz’s death has been tagged as a misformation and the public are to disregard it.

Who Is Meeks Manny? Few Things You Need To Know About Him!

Meeks Manny is a popular Gorton born rapper who has achieved quick success after only four months of producing music.

His music career kicked off professionally after he featured on P110 with Scene Smasher in December 2018 later releasing tracks including ‘TRXPPISH’ and ‘Take Losses !!’ on SoundCloud.

After featuring on P110: Music’s Hoods Hottest, landing on YouTube in January 2019 with over 7 million views, Meekz really took off and became one of Manchester’s best rappers.

Meekz later went on to feature on Mixtape Madness with Kenny Allstar with ‘Mad About Bars’. Meekz’ career really started to take off in October 2019, he went on to release ‘Rap Aside’ produced by Kwes Darko with over 2.4 million views on YouTube and 1.4 million plays on Spotify.


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Manny  made headlines years back after he reportedly wrote himself a £100K cheque from a record label whilst in prison. He has been rapping his whole life.

He used to freestyle almost every day, to the point where people used to beg me to rap. His face is more than known in his hometown, but he keeps his appearance concealed in the spectacular visuals that have accompanied his fire releases, in order for listeners to absorb the depth of his message.

During an interview with Trench, Meekz revealed why he should be a masked musician. He said his reasons for wearing a mask was because he wanted people to accept his music and not his appearance.

“I stay with the mask because I want people to take the music in more than look at my image.”

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