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Solly Msimanga Assault Video: What happened to DA leader in Gauteng



Viral footage of the Democratic Alliance leader Solly Msimanga been attacked in Gauteng has been released on social media.

In the video shared by The South African Broadcasting Corporation’s (SABC) Samkelo Maseko on Twitter saw Solly making calls while his mouth was gushing out blood, He is berated by a man who claims the politician owes him millions of rand.

He appears to be making a phone call to the police while an unidentified man scolds him and records the video. It appears that the scenes are unfolding after an altercation took place between the two in a workshop-like area with several forklifts.

At one point, the unidentified man says “Where did you get the money you paid into JD?”

There is a business named “JD Forklifts”, which specialises in forklift repairs and maintenance, located in Brakpan, Gauteng.
“I came in to beat you, you are a liar and a thief,” said the unidentified man while Msimanga – with a bloodied lip – is busy making a call.

“And this is what happens to liar and thiefs, Solly. You are a thief” continued the man. “And you’re not going to turn this into a political storm, for yourself, in my direction.”

“You owe me money and I want it,” said the man, to which Msimanga, seemingly perplexed by the statement, replied, “I owe you money?”

The man alleges that Msimanga owes him R1.4 million rand and accuses the politician of beating him up.

Although no blows are exchanged in the video, both men suggest that the altercation was caught on camera by someone. The unidentified man also mentions a firearm, which is nowhere to be seen in the video.

Reports gathered from The Citizen revealed that the altercation took place in Benoni, where he was visiting his cousin, and that he does not know the assailant.

The man, accompanied by a group of people, reportedly showed up at Msimanga’s cousin’s place of business to collect items and that’s when things turned violent.

According to the politician, police arrested the suspect on Thursday and he is still deciding whether he will be pressing charges.

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