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Popular South African Female Footballer and Tiktok content creator, Lady Pogba Reportedly dies



Shocking news coming from a source has reported that popular South African female footballer and Tiktok content creator Lady Pogba has died.

Although her sudden passing is not yet confirmed by her family or any reliable sources, the news has caught an unusual trend on social media where many especially her fans are already pouring out their condolences to her family.

Following many reports which still sounds like a rumour going on social media, Lady Pogbo was said to have died from a car accident this evening.

Relating the news of her death was Gomo Tsegangg who said: “No one was thinking that you would die in a very young ageWe didn’t even think you will leave us like how you didNow we loosed our Loved one the soccer will be so so boringg without youwe loved you all ndd you were so caring ndd lovinggso hlala sigu khumbula  Ngiya xolisa gu bagaginn.”

Tiktok video From Boitshwarelo Moaneno Aka “Lady Pogba” Can Say It All 

Some folks still believe she is not dead but very much alive.

Even as the news may turn out to true or false, we have checked her last Tiktok video which she posted two days ago, Lady Pogba was seen showing a video of her face with bruises and scars all over her face which could possibly mean that she had an accident that gave her minor injuries.


@lady_pogbaBall Yona E Maka Hle😂😂💔♬ Champions League – Zadok The Priest – The Best Team

Who Is Boitshwarelo Moaneno Aka “Lady Pogba”

Her real name is Boitshwarelo Moaneno from Taung in the North West Province and a 21 years old lady who is very passionate about football.

She was selected to be part of the European Football Academy in Spain in 2019.


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