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11 people confirmed dead in Colombia’s fierce protests, Human right watch reveals



The DG of Human Right Watch has reported that from that organization they have been able to confirm the death of 11 people, but have received complaints about 31 deaths in Colombia that began on April 28.

On Wednesday, May 5, the director for the Americas of Human Right Watch, José Miguel Vivanco made this known through a media briefing.

He said he has been aware of the different complaints that are published through social networks, pointed out that they have received complaints about 31 deaths, but they have only been able to confirm 11, which with name, date and place of death are presented below :


1. April 28: Marcelo Agredo Inchima (Cali)

2. April 28: Cristian Alexis Moncayo Machado (Cali)

3. April 28: Police Captain Jesús Alberto Solano Beltrán (Soacha)

4. April 29: Miguel Ángel Pinto Mona (Cali)

5. April 29: Edwin Villa Escobar (Cali)

6. April 30: Einer Alexander Lasso Ocampo (Cali)

7. April 30: Evelio de Jesús Flórez (La Virginia)

8. May 1: Brayan Fernando Niño Araque (Madrid)

9. May 1: Yeison Andrés Angulo Rodríguez (Cali)

10. May 2: Santiago Andrés Murillo (Ibagué)

11. May 2: Joan Nicolás García Guerrero (Cali)

Likewise, Vivanco clarified that they are investigating six more cases that occurred on April 28, one on April 29, six on April 30, two on May 1 and five cases on May 2.

For its part, the Ombudsman’s Office sent an official letter to the Attorney General’s Office, the National Police, the Attorney General’s Office and Legal Medicine in order to collect information on the investigations initiated to carry out the respective follow-up or to initiate the investigations, for the reported cases of deaths during the day of social protest, called ‘National Strike of April 28′.

According to the records kept by the Ombudsman, so far there are 19 deaths in Valle del Cauca, Bogotá, Neiva, Cali, Soacha, Yumbo, Ibagué, Madrid, (Cundinamarca), Medellín and Pereira .

Likewise, the Ombudsman’s Office is evaluating and classifying 140 complaints that include information on deceased, disappeared, police abuse and injured, among others, that have come through different citizen service channels and those that, in the field, have reported the 340 Ombudsman officials who have accompanied the protests. Complaints will be sent to the respective competent authorities to report the progress of the investigations.

Likewise, the Ombudsman’s Office, as a representative of citizens’ rights, requests that the construction of spaces for dialogue between the government and different social groups be carried out , in order to seek rapprochements and reach the point of understandings that solve the current national problem.

During his humanitarian visit to Cali this Tuesday, the Ombudsman, Carlos Camargo Assis, arrived in the industrial sector of Sameco, where he spoke with the protesters about their main concerns and how the Ombudsman has been serving as a dialogue manager between protesters and authorities. locals amid escalating acts of violence during the protests.

“We hear the clamor of many young people ready to dialogue, to exercise their right to peaceful protest. Clarifying the facts that mourn Colombia in the midst of the demonstrations is a priority. We raised this urgent call to the competent authorities, ” said Carlos Camargo.

During his journey, he also carried out mediation work to conclude agreements with religious and territorial authorities and spoke with the family of Johan Nicolás García Guerrero, a mortal victim of the riots last Sunday. For parents, the entity will provide a public defender, will mediate with Legal Medicine for the delivery of the body and will manage psychosocial support.

“To date, there are 38 officials on the ground, 35 accompaniments to mobilizations, 25 mediations, 4 humanitarian corridors and 7 assistances from Public Defenders,” said Camargo Assis from Valle del Cauca.

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