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Fire outbreak hits 9th floor of Beishi Youth National Mansion, two persons rescued



Fire breaks out at the Taiwan Taipei Wanhua District around 7 o’clock in the evening fire.

The fire affected the 9th floor of a building, police and fire departments were immediately notified before they rush to the rescue.

Fortunately enough they rescued 1 man and 2 women who were unconscious and were taken to hospital.

The residents also fled from the scene of the fire, the fire started around 8 until it was put out at 4 pm, and the exact financial damage and the cause of the fire need to be clarified.

The Taipei City Fire Department stated that a fire broke out on the 9th floor of Building 9, Lane 416, Section 2, Zhonghua Road, Wanhua District. 24 fire trucks, 4 ambulances and 71 firefighters were sent to the scene after being reported at 7:24 pm, Rescued a 26-year-old man, 86-year-old woman and 87-year-old woman, non-fire residents and do not need to be sent to a doctor, fire residents have already fled the scene.

On-site police firefighters put out the fire on 3 waterlines and extinguished the fire at 8:4 p.m., and the financial damage and the cause of the fire will be clarified in the follow-up.


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