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Strange!! Young woman, Vanitha (32) cuts off her tongue after she was told by MK Stalin’s chief to do that (Picture)



When people do things in rage thinking that it will get back well after their action it always ends up in regrates.

This 32-year-old mother, Vanitha from India intentionally cut off her tongue after she was told by MK Stalin’s chief to do that and put it in the piggy bank.

She did that and behold many people were shocked by her actions. The woman identified as Vanitha from Paramakudi is the wife of DMK member Karthik from Paramakudi taluka Pothuvakkudi, she demanded that the DMK leader Stalin’s chief cut off his tongue and pay the debt.



Accordingly, this morning she cut her tongue in front of the temple gate thinking that he would cut his tongue with a knife and put it in the piggy bank. He left his tongue on the doorstep as the temple did not open and lay in a pool of blood.

The woman was later rescued by the public and sent to Paramakudi Government Hospital for treatment.


The DMK-led alliance has won a landslide victory in most of the Tamil Nadu assembly elections. Following this, DMK rule will be established in Tamil Nadu after 10 years. On May 7, it was announced that MK Stalin would take over as Tamil Nadu Chief Minister.

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