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See why Lil Baby thinks that rap beefs over women should end



Professional American rapper Dominique Armani popularly known as Lil Baby has revealed his reasons why the beef culture that involves women should end in the music industry.

The 26-year-old rapper in an exclusive tweet he dropped on Sunday through his official Twitter page said:


“We gotta stop letting these females be the reason behind the beef !”

“We gotta stop letting these females be the reason behind the beef !” Lil Baby recently tweeted.

Just few minutes after he dropped the tweet his mentions got flooded with people who agreed with his stance, but Asian Doll stepped in to say that it’s not always the fault of the ladies.

“N*ggas be messier about the situation than the females tho [crying laughing emoji],” she replied. Unsurprisingly, many women sided with Asian Doll. Lil Baby didn’t acknowledge her response, nor did he share what prompted his tweet, but fans were quick to share their thoughts.

Weighing into the discussion was American rapper  Misharron Jermeisha Allen AKA Asian Doll who said it isn’t always the woman’s fault.

We all know most especially fans sometimes, the origins of these arguments are never shared and the rumor mill is left with speculation and internet sleuths attempting to piece together timelines and relationships.

In other instances, rappers lay it all out on the line lyrically, airing out their grievances with the power of the pen.