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Brooklyn based creative artist Bast reportedly dies


Brooklyn based creative artist Bast has passed away.

The news of his passing was made known through an official Twitter post shared on Tuesday by a professional artist Ashira Siegel Fox.

Speaking on Bast death Ashira said she is very sad to learn the immensely talented street artist Bast has passed away; he was one of my favourites when I was involved in the scene- here are some pix of his work.


Artist BAST was a Brooklyn based, New York urban artist and is one of the few international street artists to retain a level of anonymity.

Using collage to create “mutated characters” and “mutated scenes,” Bast has been embellishing urban environments in New York and Europe with his wheat-pasted posters for nearly two decades.

Bast unique ways of using iconic images from 20th- and 21st-century mass culture to create collages that combine cartoon characters, American food stores, and sex advertisements resulting in edgy, mad his works so uncompromising compositions.

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