Infectious Diseases Expert, Dr Rajendra Kapila Dies Of COVID-19


    It has been confirmed on social media that Infectious diseases expert, Dr Rajendra Kapila has sadly passed away. He was reported to have died on May 3 2021.

    According to information from sources, Rajendra Kapila had come to Ghaziabad to look after his ailing father in law, unfortunately, contracted Covid 19 and rapidly Succumbed to it. He had two Pfizer shots, succumbed to the Indian variant.

    Sources also revealed that he died at the age of  83 yrs old, He was an advanced Diabetic and cardiac patient. Dr Rajendra Kapila contacted the Covid-19 virus in India and was hospitalised but never on assisted breathing support. After he came home he was recovering and eventually he had a cardiac arrest that led to his death.

    He was an infectious disease specialist in Newark, New Jersey. Rajendra received his medical degree from Maulana Azad Medical College and has been in practice for more than 20 years.

    Dr Kapila completed a residency at Umdnj University Hospital.

    Reacting to his death Member, U.S Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS, Professor Robert A Schwartz in a series of tweets wrote – Condolences to the family of Rajendra Kapila, the Rutgers professor, @CityofNewarkNJ physician, and @USArmy veteran who advocated for the finest healthcare attainable for all. He will be remembered for his unmatched sagacity and conduct exemplarily of the @AOA_societ motto.

    Who Is Dr Rajendra Kapila?

    Dr Rahendra Kapila was an infectious disease specialist in Newark, New Jersey.

    He bagged his Pre-Medical degree from St. Xavier’s College Calcutta, W. Bengal, India and the Medical Degree from the University of Delhi, India.

    After completion of his residency in Irwin Hospital India, he moved to the US where he was an intern, resident & fellow at Martland Hospital in Newark, NJ.

    He was also Assistant Chief of Medicine for the US Army in Okinawa Japan, during the Vietnam conflict.

    Dr Kapila received his UMDNJ University Appointment in 1973 and the University Hospital Appointment in 1976.

    He is a founding member of the New Jersey Infectious Disease Society and has also received the Excellence in Teaching Award from UMDNJ, and the Life Time Achievement award from the Department of Medicine.

    Dr Kapila is an attending physician and the Epidemiologist, University Hospital, Newark. Dr Kapila is also the Chair of the Infection Control Committee.

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