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That’s Why It Didn’t Go Anywhere – Lady Du Accuses Mpura Of Stealing Cassper’s Angisho Guys Song


The industry can be so competing and that’s why many artists copy each other’s works without giving proper credit to the original owner.

South African music diva, Lady Du has accused Mpura of stealing Cassper Nyovest new song Angisho Guys. She said that was the reason the Mpura version didn’t trend.

Cassper had few days released his own version of Angisho Guys song and which massively trended on social media. But there are controversies surrounding the song, Some online users claimed the song sounds familiar with Mpura own.

Lady DU later cleared the air, insisting that Mpura took the song off the original studio and released it in early March this year.

According to Lady DU, Mpura is the thief.

“No, it’s not. He took a song out of the original studio. That’s the wrong JR, that’s why it didn’t go anywhere!!! You can still the plan but not the vision,” she explained to a fan.

“It was Cass’s song from the beginning nje,” she added.

Speaking more about the song theft, despite being friends with Mpura, Du says she will always stand for the truth even if it means her losing a friend.

“I’ll never ever choose loyalty over honesty, I CAN’T STAND LIES!! If I lose a friend over honesty that’s fine. Lies need 10 other stories and I don’t have that time Mina. Aniyekeni ukubullshita amafans wenu, stappppppp it.”

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