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Few Things You Need To Know About East Java Singer, Nella Kharisma



Nella Kharisma Biodata

Real Name: Nella Kharisma
Age: 27yrs-old
Birth Place: Kediri, East Java
Birth Date: November 4, 1994
Profession: Musician

Who Is Nella Kharisma 

Meet Nella Kharisma one of the popular East Java Indonesian music artists whose distinctive characteristic of singing in East Java caught the attention of Indonesian dangdut music lovers.

The owner’s full name is Nella Tri Charisma, known as a dangdut singer with distinctive characteristics. She is known for his beautiful face which is so seductive when acting on stage.

This woman named Nella Kharisma was born in Kediri, East Java, on November 4, 1994. She started her singing career by appearing in various events with the Monata group.

At the age of 5 she participated in singing in a puppet showing Kediri. This means that her artistic talent has been honed since she was a child, because her parents both have artistic blood.

Her father is Nella, plays campursari music, while her mother is an expert in playing guitar, angklung and flute. Since the 3rd grade of junior high school, Nella has been actively singing from stage to stage accompanied by solo organ music. And as an adult.

Nella joined the Malay orchestra “Lagista” led by Cak Rull to spread her wings to sing more professionally.

Then as developments set foot on the famous orchestra stage in East Java, then finally arrived and anchored to continue his career at a higher level at national and international levels, it was the right choice for Nella, in 2017 she officially joined Nagaswara., with the release of the exclusive first song, “Konco Mesra 2017” by R. Husin Albana.

In 2017, Nella joined a record company, PT Pancal Records. After that, she made a single album which was named Goyang Reggae, Indonesia Sehat, and Stop Galau. In the album Monata Goyang Reggae, he sang with Ratna Antika and Sodiq Monata.

Through a single entitled Jaran Rocking (Jaran Goyang), Nella has now become an idol of Indonesian dangdut fans. In less than seven months of being uploaded, Nella’s action video on stage performing the song Jaran Rocking (Jaran Goyang) has reached more than 102 million viewers. Nella’s action was said to be charming when she was 23 years old.

Nella has now become one of the best-selling Koplo swordsmen. She is known as one of the singers who often appears polite and does not indulge in the sexiness of his body. The song is quite light, with straightforward lyrics. The songs use Indonesian and sometimes the Javanese language is typical of East Java.

Nella’s second song also caught the eye, titled Konco Mesra. This video recorded 55 million views. With Nella’s increasing popularity, her Instagram account is also attracting the attention of fans. Currently, Nella has 1.7 million followers.

However, Nella was asked not to be arrogant about her success.

She began poking in the middle of the singer Ayu Ting Ting and Via Vallen. Thousands of netizens advised this girl from Kediri via social media to stay grounded in the midst of her popularity.

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