Ernest Khalimov – What Happened To Him?


    The information on the internet can so be confusing at times if posted with the wrong headline.

    A few days ago, Russian social media star, professional bodybuilder and Sleek & tears model, Ernest Khalimov was declared dead by the internet.

    The news threw his fans into confusion as many began asking if he is alive or dead.

    Ernest who is an internet archetype representing an ultra-masculine, sexually attractive male is not dead, he is very much alive.

    Ever since his viral meme picture surfaced on the internet three years ago, Ernest physical physiques have been a questionable one as many think he is not real.

    Is Ernest Khalimov Dead? Where Did The Death News Come From?

    The false death news of Ernest Khalimov emanated from a meme that went viral on Discord.

    He made a post on his Instagram page three days ago, thanking his fans for not been negative about him though he said he wasn’t a sociable person.

    The IG Post Reads Below:-

    Hello, I have read all the comments and messages. Think so. Must admit I’m shocked that there are so many of you and that you are not negative. Sorry for not answering.

    I’m not very sociable (T.rex), but I was pleased to read. In any case, I have nothing to say to you, probably because I look much more interesting from your words. It’s very flattering and overshadows my commonness. Thanks for your kind words. Thank you for the positive energy, don’t doubt guys I mentally return it to you. Take your time and keep calm. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.
    Yours faithfully,
    Average person.

    Ernest doesn’t have Facebook or Twitter account, he is only active on Instagram. He uses the platform to pictures his astonishing pictures.

    The Instagram account which was created in 2016 only has nineteen pictures.

    Is Gigachad Meme Real Or Photoshoped?

    There are mixed reactions to the real identity of Gigachad. Some people say his meme pictures are photoshopped. They claim that his girlfriend does the photoshopping stuff for him.

    Comedian & YouTuber, Count Dankula took a picture with Ernest and shared it on his Twitter page. He said the Giachad meme was actually a real dude.

    For the longest time, I thought the Gigachad meme was CGI or photoshop but it’s actually a real dude lmao

    His names Ernest Khalimov. That’s him on the right with his brothers, all with matching chins.

    But in real fact, GigaChad is just a nickname that was given to Ernest Khalimov. He is seen as the ultimate “Chad”.

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