DJ Aiko – What Happened To Her?


    Philipino disk jockey, DJ Aiko has become a victim of a death hoax. The unconfirmed news of her death flooded social media a few days ago.

    This post was made to inform the public that DJ Aiko is very much alive and doing fine. The news that she died of suicide is false and all misinformation from rumour mongers.

    A Fact-file check on her social media pages shows that she is still active. Her social media pages which include, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram get updated daily.

    A Facebook post made by Wasalak Mervz warned people from sharing a post about DJ Aiko’s death discovery going viral on FB.

    As posted by the Mervz:-

    The video of DJ Aiko’s death discovery is going viral on several FB pages as we speak. In case you encounter the same on your newsfeed:
    DO NOT
    React on the post
    Engage in the comment section

    Who Is DJ Aiko? Is She Dead?

    No! DJ Aiko is not dead. Aiko is a radio DJ working with iFm 93.9 CEBU. She is currently an intern DJ at iFM 93.9.

    Aiko is a Cebuana musician, who has emotions that propels her to write songs or poetry about it.

    She also hosts events.

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