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Australian born rapper Spanian rumored dead


Australian born rapper Spanian has been rumoured dead and the news has been circulating all around the social media with many media outlets out there spreading the rumour like a wildfire.

Just few hours after the news went viral Spanian showed up on his Instagram page where he dropped a caption: HOOD LOGIC Stay In Your Placism



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With that, all said it seems very much obvious that the Australian rapper Spanian is not dead but very much alive.

There is no report or source from his family confirming the news that he died just like it’s been rumoured.

He is a reformed gangster who turned to rap after spending most of his youth behind bars has lifted the lid on a ‘secret’ language used by criminals to fool police officers.

The Sydney-based underground rapper, who goes by the name Spanian online, took to his 11,000 Instagram followers to show off the bizarre dialect.

‘That’s a real language brother, that’s a real language cuz,’ he said.

‘That’s jail phone language. We speak that on jail phones … I used to order anything on a jail phone. The intel (intelligence officers) didn’t know anything.’

In most of his interviews he claimed that only a handful of people knew how to speak the language, writing: ‘I used to have boys ofering money in the account to teach em and I never sold it once.’

‘Only taught a few (the language) out of love,’ he added.

The rapper’s fans were quick to praise him for the strange ‘lingo’, with one writing: ‘Should make a whole mixtape in this language.’

Spanian has previously opened up about his life of crime in a 20 minute documentary-style YouTube video posted by Bull Pro Media.

The rapper claimed he was locked up when he was just 15 years old, tried heroin at 18, and had his older brother die of an overdose when he was in jail.

He also claimed to have stabbed a person in the neck with a box cutter as an act of revenge the day he was released from jail for another crime.

He claimed to have taken a plea for grievous bodily harm for the attack, spending three and a half years behind bars after an attempted murder charge was dropped.

‘I thought I was gonna do eight or 12 [years in jail],’ he said.

Spanian currently lives in Woolloomooloo in Sydney’s inner-east.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted the NSW Corrective Services for comment.

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