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“Yes Buhle committed suicide, was not raped” – his relation reveals



Another day with another sad story, there has been a report on social media saying a young boy by the name of Buhle Poswa has committed suicide after he was sexually abused.

This sad story is coming just few days after the death of Lufuno Mavhunga a young student who commits suicide after she was brutally attacked by her fellow student over R5.

He was reported to have committed suicide just days after he was sexually abused by individuals whose identity has not been made public.

Owing to the fact that many reports said he committed suicide because of the rape his cousin has come out publicly to debunk the rumour that he was raped.

Buhle’s story is somehow different from Lufunos owing to the fact that he was raped as rumored.

His relative Anelitha Poswa said, that though he is aware that rumours have gone round especially on social media that his brother was raped and that led to committing suicide.

” I am Buhle’s cousin I am aware that people are sharing posts about him being Buhle being raped and then committing suicide which is not true, yes he committed suicide but he was not raped Please take the post down. I have spoken to the other people who created and shared these posts and they have taken their posts down,

This is something that is highly insensitive to us as his family Please check your facts before posting such things “

But some online users are still saying that he was raped – “Is facts or assumptions that he was raped by homophobes? He did not deserve what happened to him. No one deserves to be stripped off their dignity like that and made feel useless but we cannot be accusing anyone without true knowledge of what happened”

This is still a developing story we will post more updates as we carry out more investigations.

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