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Breaking News: Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic parish building in Minneapolis currently on fire (Video)



Currently, a large fire continues to burn at the Sacred Heart of Jesus Church, no one is believed to be inside.

Reports say that the police have requested an arson investigator to the scene.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus is a Catholic church in the heart of Minneapolis just blocks away from the George Floyd protests.

Fire personnel requesting backup as a large fire consumes the beautiful church building located at 22nd Ave NE and 5th St NE  in the heart of the city.

Crews continuing to battle heavy fire throughout the structure, the roof and in the bell tower.

They are flowing heavy amounts of water from 2 aerial water towers, and several handlines with blitz fire nozzles.

Reports say they have  being ordered to evacuate the building as the fire intesifies.

Meanwhile, The fire crews are responding to a car crash in the Lowry Tunnel, 94 WB. The car involved in crash caught fire.

The crews were able to extinguish the car fire. Report of one deceased and one with unknown injuries; transported to a nearby hospital. Cause of accident is under investigation

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