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Fire outbreak: University of Cape Town suspends all classes as all roads remain closed



The University of Cape Town on Monday suspended all classes and learning centers due to the damages caused by the fire that broke out in the school yesterday Sunday 18th April 2021.

This morning as the SANParks Fire and Technical Services has been dispatched to curtail the blaze all roads leading to the school has been closed.

Reports say, the blaze already affected at least three buildings on the campus, including the library and the iconic Rhodes Memorial.

All classes have been suspended at the university for Monday and Tuesday as hundreds of students had to be evacuated.

SANParks Fire and Technical Services Manager Philip Prins say crews have been dispatched to attend to the blaze.

“We had another fire which started approximately say over an hour ago, there was a report of another fire above De Waal Drive, so when we got there, there were three different fires that were burning and this was definitely started deliberately so we had to pull resources from another fire and with the assistance of the city fire services, we just contained these three different areas now.”

Firefighters on Sunday made a lot of attempts to put out the raging fire on the mountain slopes at Rhodes Memorial in Cape Town, and some parts of the restaurant at the memorial has been destroyed.

The University of Cape Town botany department housed the Bolus Herbarium, which was founded in 1826 and housed one of the most extensive collections of specimens and literature on S’African, and particularly, western cape, flora.

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