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Chris Tallman – What Happened To Him!



Ace comedian, Chris Tallman has become a victim of a death hoax. In a bid to get the favourite spot from google search many media houses rush to publish information online without getting a proper verification from sources, This is just a case of what happened to American actor and comedian, Christopher Tallman.

A few days ago false death news of Chris Tallman surfaced online through a lot of clickbait websites which was also shared countless time on social media.

The information about Chris Tallman’s death is false and is nowhere to be true. The talented comedian is very much alive and doing well.

How Did The False News Came About?

Articles posted on social media can spread like wildfire that’s why many media giants like Facebook, Twitter and many others have put in place stiff measures in fighting what they call “fake news”.

The false death news of Chris Tallman first made headway into the internet through Tiktok after a user created a short video and the text in the video reported states that he passed away on 15 April.

The context in the video reads “15 April 2021 We Lost A Legend”.

Many clickbait websites went ahead to publish the news without verifying if it was true.

Who Is Chris Tallman…, Is He Dead?

For now, Chris Tallman is not dead, he is alive.

Chris Tallman is an American actor and comedian who rose to fame for his regular appearances on the Comedy Central programs Crossbills and Reno 911!.

He was the one who created the popular Channel 101 series Time Belt which he wrote, directed, co-produced and starred in.

Tallman has also guest-starred on many television shows such as House, Parks and Recreation, Emily’s Reasons Why Not, Angel, How I Met Your Mother, The Sarah Silverman Show, The King of Queens and appeared on Frank TV as Ed McMahon.

On October 14, 2013, Tallman’s new show The Thundermans began airing on Nickelodeon. It features Tallman as Hank Thunderman, a superhero father, with powers such as flying and super-strength.

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