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Meet Sarah Sabbath a 26-year-old tattoo freak who almost lost her sight after she had a tattoo inked inside her two eyes



This 26-year-old woman who almost lost went blind after she had her two eyes inked has said that she had no regrets because she still loves the way she looks.

In her revealing statement, Sarah Sabbath the young woman from Texas said, “I was reborn by having a tattoo,” told her thoughts about tattoos in interviews with “Truly.”

Sarah had trouble shortly after tattooing her eyeballs, and although she still has sequelae in her eyes, she asserts that she “will not stop tattooing.”

She has spent over $3,000 to $4,000 on tattoos which already covers her entire body.

Speaking with Truly, Sarah revealed she was left unable to see or ‘do anything’ after a tattoo artist working on her eyes ‘didn’t put enough saline solution into the ink mixture’.

Sarah eventually sought help from an eye specialist who gave her a series of drops which have improved her sight – although she said her vision ‘still bothers her’.

While she initially felt ‘very depressed’, Sarah said she now has ‘no regrets because the ink has helped her ‘express herself’.

One of Sara’s favourite tattoos is her purplish-pink eyeball, but in reality, she fell into a state where she couldn’t see anything right after the tattoo.

Speaking about her tattooed eyes she explained it as follows.

“The tattoo artist who performed the procedure made a mistake in the amount of ink and saline and injected the liquid into my eyeball with insufficient saline. After that, I lost my eyesight temporarily and what did I do? I couldn’t even do it. ”

“I couldn’t watch TV or go out because of the bright light, and I couldn’t get anything. I was very depressed mentally. After all, I went to an ophthalmologist to prescribe eye drops. I never returned to my pre-treatment eyes. ”

“I just love the finish, so I don’t regret it even if I have some disabilities. Because all the tattoos on my body have a background and make sense. To know me, tattoos Is indispensable. ”

However, the eyes of those who see Sarah do not seem to be warm, saying, “Looking at me full of tattoos, I’m” staying high “,” I think I’m not educated, “or” Isn’t it a crime? “Sometimes it is said.” Still, “everyone has a different mindset, and I’m not going to argue with what others think. I don’t think anyone like me has the courage to put a tattoo on his whole body,” he said. I’m not going to stop tattooing in the future. ”

Recently Sarah said she had her boyfriend do tattoos, saying, “I’m going to get more tattoos on my face in the future because tattoos will be my shield. Tattoos are my life. And it’s part of me. ”

By the way, some women, like Sarah, have lost their eyesight due to having a tattoo on their eyes. For this woman, the tattoo artist used black ink for the body, which is not available to the eyes and blinded her right eye. The left eye was also in danger of blindness.

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