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Brazilian surgeon got suspended after sharing videos with patients’ skin and plastic bags containing fats



This Brazilian surgeon Caren Trisoglio Garcia got the sack of her life after she exposed material on social networks. Regional Council of Medicine of the State of São Paulo suspended her registration.

Her deregistration from the hospital came after she shared viral images showing pieces of skin and plastic bags with fat removed from patients on the internet, Garcia who had served in Ribeirão Preto hospital for many years, had her registration temporarily suspended by the Regional Council of Medicine of the State of São Paulo for her misconduct.

The suspension, according to the G1 portal, occurred on Thursday and became public through the Cremesp website this Saturday.

In a note, the entity stated that it awaits the publication of the measure in the Federal Official Gazette and informed that the investigations on the doctor’s conduct will go under confidentiality.

During the investigation, the doctor will not be able to see patients and, at the end of the process, she may have her record revoked. Sought by G1, Caren did not comment on the suspension of Cremesp or the content of the publications.

According to the report, the doctor had already been suspended for six months from the activities of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery (SBPC), which forwarded the case to Cremesp and removed her name from the official SBCP search lists.

The material exposed in the networks by the doctor was considered unethical and sensationalistic by the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery.

In that viral Tiktok video she was holding a piece of skin, which she calls “today’s trophy,” and bags of human fat while dancing and laughing.

Caren has over 636k followers and 11 million likes on TikTok. As the SBPC points out, the doctor violated five articles of the entity’s internal regulations, which prohibit the sharing of images of body parts or pre or post-operative, even with the express authorization of the patient.

The organization stated that the doctor also disrespected articles that prohibit the professional from presenting results of surgeries or promoting themselves in the media in order to win customers.

SBCP informed the portal that the surgeon announced techniques that supposedly give her privileged ability to perform certain surgical procedures, which is also prohibited by the entity’s internal regulations.

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