Home Sports Nebraska born ripping skater and photographer Joe Hammeke reportedly dies

Nebraska born ripping skater and photographer Joe Hammeke reportedly dies


Popular Nebraska ripping skater Joe Hammeke dies after battling a heart attack.

Last week Joe was reported to have suffered from a heart attack after His wife Jessica saw him collapse.
Reports say she found him unresponsive and performed CPR. Medics arrived, resuscitated him and transported him to the ER.

He was rushed to the ICU where he was fighting for his life. He’d recently been battling medical issues – the heart attack was a near-fatal reaction to treatment.

While he’d hoped to keep things private doctors assessed the issue and he and his family could adjust, his situation has become dire and just few days after he was reported dead.

Confirming the news of Joe’s death was Just GOLD on Tuesday said:

“First time I met Joe Hammeke he jumped in the Van on a Sessions trip. It was only supposed to be to Colorado but “somehow” we ended up in Minnesota. So many great stories and friendships all culminated out of that one trip.

Recently Joe and I became friends, we worked together at Thrasher, and logged thousands of miles together. So grateful for the friendship and my heart goes out to his family and kids.”

Joe was diagnosed with oesophagal cancer last week, and just after starting chemotherapy suffered a heart attack—likely linked to his cancer treatment.

He has always supported skaters and the community over the years, including mentoring up-and-comers and passing on his encyclopedic knowledge of skating, all the while cracking jokes and taking runs.

Joe also shot some legendary photos over the years, His friend Wez Lundry wrote: “This is going to be a long haul, and they could use the help. We are all pulling for you, Hambone, and we are sending you, Jessica, Ansel and Taliesin all of our strongest healing vibes.”

Kirk Markus a friend of Joe also wrote in his Tribute:

“Sorry, I am stunned and speechless and lost to what to write… we lost our friend Joe Hammeke today. My experience is I met Joe in the late 1980’s at the GoArc skateboard contests in Omaha.

GoArc was series of skateboard contests held by Steve’s Skateboard Shop and the non profit GoArc for Down Syndrome, to which my younger brother has Down’s syndrome. Watching Joe skateboard at GoArc was what influenced me to be a skateboarder.

It was even more influential that we became friends and fellow photographers, he obviously was way better at both… long story short I was fortunate to know joe for about 30 years and he helped shape my life. Thank you Joe.”

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