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Lufuno Muvhango Death By Suicide: Darlene Candy, Mbilwi Secondary School Student Who Bullied Lufuno Apologies, Says She Is Sorry


Bullying has never and will never be cool, it’s utterly disgusting.

People are demanding justice following the death of a girl identified as Lufuno succumbed who took her own life yesterday after she was bullied during the day at Mbilwi high school by a girl named Darlene Candy (Facebook name). The bystanders were seen in the viral video laughing as she was being bullied.

The death news of Lufuno has sparked outrage on social media as many are demanding the arrest of the girl who pushed Lufuno to suicide.

Well, Darlene Candy who is now feeling guilty of her bad deeds took to her Facebook to ask for forgiveness.

I’m Sorry…, she posted on Facebook.

Darlene Candy Apology Post On Facebook

Her apology was never accepted by South Africans as many rained curses on her, calling her all sorts of names.

See Reactions From Facebook Users After She Apologized

Nqobile M Mbumbe wrote – The neave u have wena slima how dare u bully someone How dare u assault someone who’s not fighting back U wanted 5 minutes if fame karma will get u and I hope it gets u good. Your family didn’t send u to school to do the bullying. U think u powerful beating up a child Nxa.  u deserve everything that is coming your way, Sinqobile Gumede I’ve never been this mad.

Zana Zana Wrote – Wena msoon wenja you sorry now. It’s probably something you been doing to even other students I hope karma deals with you selfish lil brat. You must really be unhappy with yourself to cause pain to others to make you feel good. Usile wena. Im sorry izoyenzan manje nja.

Ncediwe Wrote – I don’t even know what to say to you since you yourself are young. Your actions have left me paralyzed, a young life is no more. I don’t know how you will ever recover from this or if you will ever fully understand the impact of your actions. God will forgive you because God is love. My heart is shattered.

Limpopo Police Speaks About The Incident

Though no arrest has been made yet, Limpopo police have reacted to the tragic incident says no assault case had been opened against Lufuno.

The police spokesperson, Brigadier Motlafela Mojapelo, said police had opened an inquest docket after Mavhungu’s alleged suicide.

According to information from the police, Mavhungu was rushed to a hospital at about 6.30 pm on Monday night after she allegedly found unconscious in her room as a result of a drug overdose.

“The police received a call from Siloam Hospital that a learner from Mbilwi High School, Lufuno Mavhungu came to the hospital unconscious and was certified dead on arrival.

“The child arrived home from school and alleged that she was beaten up by the other learner. She thereafter allegedly locked herself up in the room and overdosed on pills,” he said.

The police said Mavhungu’s mother found her unconscious in her bedroom and rushed her to the hospital where she died on arrival.

The police are currently investigating the case.

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