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#JusticeForLufuno: Young student commits suicide after she was brutally attacked by her fellow student over R5


This is really a pathetic story, schools should learn how to handle disputes that could trigger bullying between their students as such could ignite a similar story such as this one where a young student named Lufuno Mavhunga ended her own life after she was brutally assaulted by her fellow student.

According to reports gathered, Lufuno died few hours after she left the school where she was brutally attacked.

The Incident happened at Mbilwi Secondary School yesterday where a learner (Lufuno Mavhunga) was brutally attacked by her peers, apparently over R5. She went home and ended her life later on.

According to an eyewitness, Candy was seen through the viral video bullying Lufuno as their friends were laughing at them.

She slapped Lufuno several times on the face. Lufuno is the beautiful girl with black skin in the video, They were all in their School uniforms.

This Candy The Girl That Bullied Her Over R5

There’s a lot of abuse that happens in Venda and it is hardly reported, Venda influencers do not tweet about these incidences.

“A young girl just committed suicide because she was bullied, beaten and mocked when she cried for help on Facebook” – A Twitter user revealed

More reports have revealed that the school authorities have not responded actively over the incident as such has raised concerns about why they kept quiet over the death of the student and what led to her committing suicide.

Schools should be a safe zone for Learners, this is not the first incident of such magnitude at the Mbilwi Secondary School as we were made to know, something has to be done. For a top-achieving school, this is totally unacceptable.


Many netizens have called for the arrest of her attacker demanding that justice should prevail over the case and also they said that the girl in the viral video should be banned from entering that school or never enter the educational system ever even for varsity.

See Reactions Below….

“She should never enter in the education system ever even for varsity @Lesufi @DBE_SA Loudly crying faceLoudly crying faceLoudly crying facethere are even people out there poor girl ain’t fighting back #JusticeForLulu #justiceforlufuno” – An Online User


“I just want that girl arrested and jailed for assault, also expulsion shouldn’t be pardoned for all of them.

Also, identity those who stood by and watch their mate get bullied by some stupid set of girls, and get them some punishment, suspension isn’t a reach. Do something.” – An Online User

“I also need action to be taken against the girls taking videos and laughing. This is absolutely ridiculous. I hate bullies and those that stand for bullying and see it as entertainment.”An Online User


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