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Olivia Green – What Happened To Her?



Her death has sparked outrage on social media with many asking what killed the 15-year-old girl?.

15-year-old Olivia Green tragically lost her life on Easter Sunday (April 4 2021), according to what her mother posted on her GoFundme page. Her cause of death is still under investigation.

Her funeral which was live-streamed on Sunday 10 April 2021 was watched by thousands of people online.

Her grieved mother who said Easter will forever be her worst day described her daughter as a beautiful, so smart, so funny and full of life lady who had wanted to go to college and become a Marine biologist.

She did not reveal what really happened but from the part of the Gofundme post, she said her daughter was taken because of a little punk.

Read Excerpts From The Gofundme Post Below:-

I just lost my beautiful 15-year-old daughter Olivia tragically on Easter Sunday, Easter will be the worst day of my life forever and losing her is the most painful thing I have and will ever experience.

Olive green was so beautiful, so smart, so funny, so full of life, She would crack me up every day, She was looking forward to her Sweet 16, She was looking forward to her Uncle Davids sneaker store opening up.

She wanted to go to college and become a Marine biologist, she loved changing her nail polish every day and always had my house smelling like a nail salon, She was such a Diva.

She was not a street kid, She is forever gone because of a little punk…Never in my life would I ever think I would have to bury my own child…Seeing her body get stiff and cold in front of me is a nightmare I will have to live through and remember every day of my life, I will walk this Earth for as long as I live without my baby girl Olivia now.

I WILL NEVER GET TO HUG AND KISS HER BEAUTIFUL FACE EVERRRRRRR AGAIN. OR TELL HER “I LOVE YOU GIRLY” which is what we called each other…I’m dying inside and I want to die on the outside too without her.

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