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Florida woman who coughed on a cancer patient in a store last year has been identified as Debra Hunter



The woman from Florida who was arrested after she coughed purposely on Heather Sprague, a mother-of-ten, who was battling cancer and had a brain tumour has been identified as Debra Hunter.

She was recorded live on camera when she intentionally coughed on cancer patient  Heather Sprague, a mother-of-ten, who was battling cancer.

Amid the vicious spread of covid-19 and its pandemic that raged in 2020, a video of Debra Hunter, a Florida woman, went viral. In that footage, she was caught coughing directly on a fellow customer at a store and was subsequently charged.

Mrs Debra has been sentenced to 30 days in jail after she was fined $500 and also was ordered by a judge to serve six months on probation dealing with her anger management issues

According to David Chapman, communications director for the state attorney’s office in Jacksonville. She is also required to compensate her victim, mother of ten, Heather Sprague, for the cost of her COVID-19 test.

What We Know About Debra Hunter

Mrs Debra Hunter was arrested in June 2020 after she was recorded on camera purposely coughing on Heather Sprague, during an argument with employees inside the store. Sprague, who has a brain tumor, had begun recording the heated encounter Hunter was having with the employees.

More investigators carried out revealed that she saw Sprague and made a rude gesture. Then she walked up to her and was filmed saying, “I think I’ll get really close to you and cough on you… How’s that?”


Her husband in a statement he revealed to the judge said that leading up to the incident, the family had faced several hardships.

According to a FirstCoast News report, Hunter’s family had lost everything they had in a house fire.

“It was like air being inflated into a balloon, and it finally got to the point where she couldn’t handle any more air,” Hunter’s husband reportedly said in court. “And then she finally rubbed up against something and just popped.”



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