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American Comedy Writer, Anne Beatts Dies At 74



American comedy writer and one of the late-night sketch show’s original writers has passed away at the age of 74. She was reported to have died on Wednesday, April 7 2021.

Circumstances surrounding her death was not disclosed to the public.

Born in Buffalo to parents she has described as “beatniks”. Beatts grew to have what has been called an “aggressive, dark sensibility” which she later put to use in comedy.

She began her comedy writing career with the National Lampoon magazine and later joined the SNL. She wrote for SNL for five seasons, from 1975 to 1980.

During her’ time at National Lampoon magazine, she worked with Michael O’Donoghue. The two became romantically involved, and both soon joined the creative team of Saturday Night Live in the early years of the program.

The news of Annie Beats death was announced yesterday night after Saturday Night Live paid photographic tribute to her and legendary rapper, DMX, who passed away on Friday from a drug overdose.

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