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Singer & Songwriter, Jaerene Has Passed Away



Singer & Songwriter, Jaerene Dies

News that flooded the social media today has it that popular Houston, Texas (TX) singer and songwriter, Jae Renee has unexpectedly passed away. She was reported to have died today April 8 2021.

Circumstances surrounding her death has not been made known to the public but sources claimed she was hit by a drunk driver.

Grammy Award winner, Lab Ox confirmed the news of Jae Rene’s death via his IG Page.

Penning down his tribute he wrote – My heart is broken You were a real-life angel with the voice to match. Special talent and a genuinely great person. Imma just says see you later Lil sis. Rest well, baby girl.

JaeRene:- Few Things You Need To Know About Her!

She Celebrated Her Birthday Last Two Months

On February 22, JaeRene celebrated her birthday and through her Instagram, she shared pictures of her when she was still a baby.

On sharing the pictures she made a lengthy post about her journey so far in life.


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A post shared by J A E R E N E M U S I C (@jaerene_)

Read What She Posted: Today is my birthday.. this is the first year it feels like it in a long time when the clock said 12am this morning all I could do was cry because I am so happy.

I’m so happy with the people I’m blessed enough to call my friends. I’m happy with the person I get to laugh with and be in love with, I’m happy with my healing relationships with my parents. most importantly. I’m happy with myself!.

It’s been a long journey trynna find happiness, not too long ago I realized it was internal all along and as soon as I realized that it poured and poured and poured outward into my life. this is the year I am the sun. this is the year full of health, wealth, love and happiness.

Who Is JaeRene?

JaeRene is a popular Houston, TX musician. The singer’s sudden fame in the entertainment industry took many by surprise.

Born and raised in the great state of Texas, JaeRene was the first daughter to s single mother.

Growing up in a single-parent household, young JaeRene witnessed the strength and courage of a powerful mother at a very young age, and rarely did she observe anyone do it with such grace.

During an Interview with the StyleMagazine, JaeRene revealed that got much interest in music when she was three and then she was competing in beauty pageants.

I was three and competing in beauty pageants. They’re just so happened to be a talent portion and I sang Mary J Blige: I’m going down, which also happens to be the first very song I ever sang. Yes, I may have been young, but I knew it was my fate to go into the music industry; she said.

Jaerene Music

JaeRene officially started releasing her own single in 2019. Her first song Paradise generated thousands of views on video and music sharing websites.

Below Are a List Of Jae Renee Songs:-

Paradise (2019)
Ryde or Die(2019)
Like Oooh (2019)
Bailar Conmigo (2019)
Baddie (2019)
Better Day (2019)
Me & U (2019)
Poppin (2019)
Fallback (2020)

JaeRene 2019 EP Cover Art

The songs listed above were all packed in JaeRene’s 2019 studio project “JaeRene EP“.

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