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Marcos & Gabriel Munoz! – What Happened To Them?



Marcos & Gabriel Munoz! These names turned out to inquisitive ones after the Mayans MC made a memorandum for them in the end of Tuesday’s episode.

The most recent episode was aired on Tuesday, April 6, 2021. The show is a weekly one that comes up every Tuesday.

What Is Mayans M.C?

First aired on September 4, 2018, on FX, Mayans M.C is an American crime drama series created by Kurt Sutter and Elgin James.

The abbreviated M.C represents “Motorcycle Club“.

The Mayans M.C entails more about a former convict, EZ Reyes who returns to his hometown with a new outlook on life. He becomes a gangster and falls deeper into the world of crime.

Who Are Marcos & Gabriel Munoz? What Happened To Them?

Marcos and Gabriel Munoz were the cousins to Debra Munoz, the writer for MAYANS MC. She dedicated the episode to them. They passed away in an accident on October 28 2020. They were father and son.

Debra Munoz had last year made a post on Instagram about the death of Marcos and his son. She said that Marc was a big dreamer and made every of his approach in a big way.

She also shared Pictures of Marcos and his son, Gabriel


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A post shared by debra moore muñoz (@fotodebby)

last week we lost my cousin Marcos and his sweet son Gabriel…⁣

everything marc did in life, he did big. he smiled big, hugged big, loved big and hurt big. he lived as if he was trying to squeeze every last bit of joy, fun and love from each moment. but that doesn’t make his passing any easier. I can’t believe we’ll never feel his huge presence again… or wonder what wild antics he’ll get up to… or hear him sing Volver, Volver.

little Gabe inherited his father’s pure, ear-to-ear grin. his little giggle could melt your heart. I can’t believe we’ll never see what kind of man he would have become. but we’ll always remember him as the sweet little angel he was.⁣

the grief and shock my family is experiencing are difficult to put into words. I know there is no way around this pain and we must go through it, but I feel fortunate that we have one another as we do. the hardest thing to reconcile is that our family will never be whole again. we’ll always have two pieces of us missing. we are forever broken.

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