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What is the COVID vaccination passport and how will it be used in the US and around the world



In the United States there has been a hit of debate following the issuance of the Covid-19 vaccination passport, the debate has been between those who believe that it is necessary for this passport to exist and those who believe that it goes against freedom of transit.

The possibility of creating a vaccine passport or digital proof of COVID-19 vaccination status was raised, in order to avoid tests to find out if someone is a carrier of the virus or to quarantine after arriving at a place.

The idea was also presented within the European Union (EU), when the European Commission presented the project “Digital Green Pass”, a digital green certificate that works like a Covid-19 vaccination passport. According to the commission, “it will facilitate safe circulation” within the region.

Unlike the European idea, the US outlined that the passport can be used to enter more countries and other continents. It will be digitally and a complement to the passport issued by each nation.

Notable content development companies (such as IBM) are posing as possible competitors to develop the technological application.

Some are already working on allowing the files necessary to verify vaccination to be uploaded, while others hope that there will be an agreement with the centers where the vaccination is done so that the information will be uploaded automatically.

Unlike the vaccination cards that the US government is granting to citizens after accessing the vaccination, the Covid passport on which IBM already works will have a “Digital Health Pass” that will show the body temperature records, the result of tests and more.

In the meantime, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), fully vaccinated Americans with one or two doses, depending on the vaccine they have accessed – can travel anywhere in the territory as long as they show their vaccination card.

However, within the United States, there is a dispute between those who believe that it is necessary for this passport to exist and those who believe that it goes against freedom of transit.

So far, the White House affirmed that they will not be obligatory and some political experts assured that this debate could be a central point during the next electoral process for the renewal of members of the Chambers and even for the election of governors.

It is expected that both the Covid passport proposed by the US and the green certificate of the European Union respect data protection, security and privacy, therefore, only the name of the holder, name of the vaccine, the number, the date will be requested. and the place of vaccination.

However, the developer companies propose that more data can be accessed. What information is included will depend on the contracts carried out by States and individuals.

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