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Meet Gilda Ambrosio the Italian fashion influencer who became a street style icon



One of the unique things that stands this Italian designer Gilda Ambrosio is her abundance of colours, shapes and textures and a playful stamp when dressing.

The 29-year-old Fashion designer Gilda Ambrosio is an exponent of a new Italianate in the world of fashion.

The Italian style is born from the unlikely encounter between elegance and imperfection. Far from giving rise to a hermetic and unattainable beauty, it stands out for being earthy and individualistic, accidentally seductive and rebellious.

From the domestic glamour of Sofia Loren in Arabesque, the film ode to Hitchcock starring opposite Gregory Peck, to the Sicilian nostalgia of Dolce & Gabbana, there is something defiant, simple and carefree about Italian fashion that makes it so fresh and innovative.

It is the game between the old and the new, the classic beauty and the rejection of that form, that gives it that disruptive power.

At the risk of oversimplifying, the clash between this stylistic tradition and Cher, the disco singer “goddess of pop” and “queen of camp”, could be the perfect mix of influences to give rise to Gilda Ambrosio, the Italian influencer and designer who she is, today, one of the most influential personalities in the world of fashion.

Her carefree style, somewhat ironic and undoubtedly exaggerated, is a reflection of his Neapolitan origins, where street style and tradition go hand in hand under a single directive: highlight, surprise and provoke.

Before her fame, Gilda studied design at the Istituto Marangoni in Milan and, in addition to being a top-of-the-line influencer present at all fashion weeks, she worked as a stylist, consultant and coolhunter before founding The Attico, the fashion house she created with Giorgia Tordini in 2016. with an identity steeped in the splendour of the disco era and the maximalism of ’80, the designers set the tone of a free, extravagant style and escapist many years of minimalism and uniformity clamoured.

The fresh and carefree style of her make her the ideal fashion icon for a world where clothing is a game and trends are nonsense. A theatrical, fresh and surprising fantasy is born in the combination of fur coats with a pair of Air Jordans and the excess of layers and accessories.

She has been listed on the Forbes list of 30 Under 30 in Europe Arts and Culture in 2018.

Gilda Ambrosio In Pictures

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