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Mr 082 Video – Tweeps Says It Was Staged!



Tweeps believes the viral video of Mr 082 that surfaced online yesterday was staged. The South African businessman was seen in the video trekking alongside a man who tweeps claimed was his bodyguard.

As they are walking, a car pulls up next to them and this one lady asks for Mr 082’s numbers and with excitement on his face, he quickly calls them out.

And this is where the name came from, he kept on saying 082 in an attempt to make sure that the lady gets the numbers. He is now known as Mr 082

Some Twitter users who went deep about the video revealed that the whole video was staged and that Mr 082 is not broken.

Who Is Mr 082?

Known on social media as Mr O82,  Silo Mjabuliseni Ngubane is a successful businessman from Greytown outside PMB KZN.

He is the CEO of SM Ngubane Trading and Projects Management.

Silo is married with kids. Silo is now known as Mr 082.

Tweeps Reacts

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