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Who is Jim Turin, The pioneer of the famous tv show Gold Rush


When we talk about Gold Rush we remember Jim Turin, a member of the Turin family, the father of Dave Turin and the owner of the family quarry in Sandy, Oregon.

Dave lost his father recently,  in one of their latest episode “Gold at Last”, Dave returns to the quarry and promises his dad that he will bring gold home for the family.

Recently the team had a fitting end on 30th March 2021 on the last episode of Gold Rush, “Dave Turin’s Lost Mine” it was In memory of Dave’s father Jim Turin who passed away recently.

Jim owns the family business, Jim Turin & Sons. The business, Jim Turin and Sons in turn owns the quarry, and its operating company Mt. Hood Rock Products.

The city of Brightwood, Oregon, is a whole operation entangled in the crevices and cracks of the mountainous terrain that has existed since the 1950s.

Jim Turin was a successful man who took over in the 1980s, He had a famous son, but he is well known as a local supplier of high quality building materials.

Dave Explains Everything About Gold Rush

“I was a high school teacher and a football coach, but I started working as an asphalt contractor,” said Jim my Turin. “Back in the 1970s, we built a lot of tennis courts and highways. “Then we finished the roads.”

Eventually, the owners of a small asphalt plant sold their business to Jim’s Turin, and he ran it for five years. “But then the nearby quarry where we bought our stone went on sale, so we got it too,” he said. “That was our beginning in crushing the rock.”

Tur my Turin said that the factory came with the equipment, but in reality they are not very good equipment. It required some changes. “We traded with a huge loader, got a few small things, then added them to the factory,” he said. The quarry had a customer base, but “we grew that big time,” he added.

The quarry, located about an hour south-east of Portland, Ore, has indeed grown and developed over the years, but the family’s commitment to hard work and quality products has never changed. That work ethic was passed on to Jim’s son, Turin, Dave, who, along with his brothers, helped run the family business as its vice president of quarry management. Dave Turin rose to fame as Dozer Dave on Discovery Channel’s Gold Rush.

Today, the plant with a capacity of 350 t / t disrupts the materials sold to various customers. About 40% is sold as a road base. 30% goes to the company’s asphalt factory; և 30% is sold to contractors, government and county agencies and general customers.

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