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Alabama Basketball Superfan, Cameron Luke Ratliff Dies Of COVID-19 Complication



Alabama basketball superfan Cameron Luke Ratliff has sadly passed away at the age of 23. Luke Ratliff was reported to have died yesterday Friday, April 2 2021 due to complications with COVID-19.

Luke Ratliff, known as Fluffopotamus has developed a bit of a reputation as an Alabama basketball superfan in his five years as a student.

Ratliff and his mother, Pamela, were the Alabama people in his household growing up, contrasting from his father’s longtime obsession with North Carolina basketball.

Luke Ratliff, 24 was a junior majoring in public relations at the Capstone, is leading a revolution.

Growing up in the hoops-crazed state of North Carolina, Ratliff found it hard to watch college basketball games that did not involve schools affiliated with the Atlantic Coastal Conference.

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