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Woman dies after her husband transfixed her with a broomstick before cutting off her lips while she’s still alive



A horror was displayed in a married couple’s residence located in the municipality of Formosa in the Brazilian state of Goias on Sunday, March 28 when a woman died horrifically after her husband impaled her with a broomstick before cutting off her lips while she’s still alive.

The victim a 37-year-old woman was identified as Nadia Xavier da Silva, was discovered dead on her bed after she was tortured and mutilated by her angry husband Ramiclid BrunoAlves, 31.

Reports gathered from a local news site Metropoles said the young woman was still alive and in agony when she was mutilated.

When the police arrived at the scene of the incident they were shocked to discover that she had her lips sliced off with a fishing knife and she had many other injuries across her body including several other body parts that were cut off, although no further details were given other than the fact that her lips had been removed

The fatal blow came from a stabbing wound to her chest where the knife was buried so deep in her body only the handle could be seen.

A bloody broomstick was also found next to the victim’s body, which the police believe was used to impale her.

An insider to the investigation told Metropoles the scene appeared to show several empty beer bottles in the residence which has led them to believe an alcohol-fuelled argument had happened before the vicious act.

Chief Danilo Meneses said the killer, who is believed to be Alves, had a “troubled relationship” with Nadia when he allegedly committed the horrifying murder. He added that the police are investigating to see if anybody else was involved.

Alves’ body was found hanging from a rope at the back of the house.

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