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Meet Marilyn a tattooist who has spent over £25k to look like ‘vampire Barbie’ with custom fangs and inked eyeballs (Pictures)



Sometimes people get different tastes for life, some will choose the awkward and creepy taste of life even when it goes beyond or against the laws of nature.

This tattoo artist Marilyn has spent £25,000 just to turn herself into a “Vampire Barbie”.

Marilyn’s 60-70% body is covered in ink, she went as far as splitting her tongue and getting fangs fitted making her look exactly like a real-life Vampire.

When asked what inspired her, she said she was inspired by the vampy dolls she collected at home, which has played a key part in her look.

Marilyn who lives in Viersen, Germany say she has over 12,000 followers on her social engagement, she said” “I get a lot of inspiration on my makeup and outfits from this kind of dolls.

“I love their makeup, big boobs and tiny waist.”

Then in a bid to look even more doll-like, Marilyn decided to go under the knife.

She said: “My first plastic procedure was my breast enlargement and lift.

“My inspiration for my first plastic surgery was to look more like a doll…

“Before I was a blonde girl, very thin and very tall.

“Nothing stuck out about me so I liked the change.”

Marilyn went on to have a facelift to give her skin a more “plastic feel”.

She’s since undertaken liposuction and facial injections to maintain her hourglass waist and smooth complexion.

And to fully embrace the gothic way of life, she’s braved grisly body modification too.

Marilyn has risked dangerous eyeball inkings, which can blind you if they go wrong.

She’s also had her tongue split, ears stretched and dermal piercings.

Another key part of her look is her body art, which she estimates sprawls across 60-70% of her body.

Marilyn’s tattoos include snakes, Jack-o-lanterns, barbed wire and spooky cats.

But her gothic look doesn’t finish there – as she’s also had custom fangs made and fitted into her mouth.

A dentist carried out the pointy teeth procedure and the tattooist can’t get enough of the finished effect.

She gushed: “I think it’s very sexy.

“I can’t imagine smiling without them anymore.”

Even though Marilyn’s loved ones think she should stop getting plastic surgery, the body modification fan is determined to get more work done.

She admitted: “My friends and family thinks it’s enough for now.

“But my look is everything for me – I think it’s the most important thing about me.”

For her next procedure, Marilyn hopes to get a Fox Eye Lift.

The op works to elongate the upper eyelid, which is said to emphasise the eyes.

Marilyn wants to cover her body in striking blackout tattoos too.

And she’s also planning to get some procedures redone to achieve a more “fake” appearance.

The tattooist admitted: “I’m not happy with all the plastic surgeries that I’ve had.

“I wanted to look more fake and more plastic but the doctors made it more natural.

“Dolls always look perfect, they just stay beautiful forever.”

When asked if she ever plans to stop going under the knife, Marilyn made a candid admission.

She added: “I’m on the mission to be the ultimate vampire Barbie doll…

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