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Jake Kogakis one of the earlier pioneers of Kiss 90 and Melbourne’s famous dance club is dead



Jake Kogakis one of the leading creators behind many Melbourne’s famous dance club and events have passed away.

His death was made known through an official Facebook post shared by The Kiss 90 Melbourne on Thursday evening, his cause of death was not made public.

“Very sad news today that Jake Kogakis has died, One of the founders of Kiss 90, Jake was a leading creator behind many of Melbourne’s famous dance clubs, events and parties. Always visionary, always smiling. Jake, you will be missed by so many. RIP buddy.”

Reacting to the news of Jakes death was Dean Giannkis who said:

“Very numb feeling since the morning. That cheeky, infectious smile of yours engrained in my thoughts all day.

You were one of a kind Jake Kogakis and definitely one of the most genuine gentlemen I had the pleasure of knowing for many years.

From running food truck events together, working on restaurant projects, enjoying a drink during and after my DJ sets and sitting down for a meal or coffee with your daughter, sister and mum many times at my venues.

You’ll be missed by so many. Rest In Peace my friend x”

Melanie Shaw from Lead Source Pty also shares her tribute to the late visionary man Jake

She said in her words: “It’s a very sad day for many with the loss of this amazing man Jake Kogakis. Nightclub Melbourne icon for many decades.”

“Facebook is flooding with incredibly caring and thoughtful tributes of love and good memories for this amazing man.”

She said her thoughts are with Alex Mate, Jake’s family and soooo many friends ….a big thank you to Flora who has been one of the friends help support him through his final weeks.

“Thanks for letting me know so I was able to get a nice message to him ….he didn’t want sympathy so I kept it upbeat – Flora Hamilton”

Jake Recent Interview Video

On Fri 12 July an interviewer caught up with Jake Kogakis, one of Melbourne’s most successful club promoters and posed the question, “So how did you get started in the club scene?”

What followed was gold to anyone who clubbed in Melbourne from the late 80s to the millennium and enjoyed clubs such as Solution Tok H, Insanity Chevron. Sanction Chevron, Mega Bar, Pleasuredome & Skin Dome.

In this excerpt, Jake introduces the newsmen to Dome pre-Skin days the minimal but very rockin’ Pleasuredome.


Jake was described as a man who will always smile, a visionary person by his friends, He will always be missed.

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