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Inkosi Xolile Ndevu video: Wife appears stark naked on Zoom during a virtual meeting in Eastern Cape



Drama struck as a participant in a virtual South African parliamentary meeting was left red-faced when his wife appeared out of the blue and stark naked.

A member of the National House of Traditional Leaders Inkosi Xolile Ndevu was discussing deaths in the Eastern Cape.

The controversial video surfaced on the internet during a parliamentary committee meeting which was yesterday with members of the National House of Traditional Leaders (NHTL) to discuss a range of issues, including initiation deaths.

As the meeting continued, a stark naked woman appeared from the blue behind a member of the NHTL, who has since been identified as Chief Xolile Ndlovu.

In the video, committee chairperson Faith Muthambi can be heard saying, “Inkosi (chief), the person behind you is not properly dressed. We are seeing everything, yho!” Please, Inkosi, did you tell them you are in a meeting? It is very disturbing what we are seeing.”

Muthambi, who chairs the Cogta committee, issued a statement condemning the incident.

She has distanced the committee from the footage.

Muthambi also claims that it’s not the first time that this has happened during meetings between the committee.

She says the committee will be meeting with the leadership of the NHTL to discuss the incident.

The naked woman was not part of the meeting. She was in the same room where the participant in the meeting was. We regret and condemn the incident in the strongest terms.

Faith Muthambi, Chairperson – Portfolio Committee on Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs
It is regrettable that this kind of footage, which is embarrassing the committee, happens for the second time in meetings between the committee and the NHTL. I am going to engage with the leadership of the organisation.

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