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Jamal Mcelrath Death – Jodeci Moses Allegedly Commits Suicide After High Speed Chase, Obituary



A young man identified as Jamal Mcelrath whose other names are Jodeci Moses, has reportedly taken his own life. The news of his death flooded social media on March 24 2021.

Jamal Mcelrath death went viral on social media following the terrible way it happened. The young man reportedly took his own life while doing a live video on Facebook.

Jodeci was seen in the live stream video saying that he is fed up and tired of what is happening around him. Though many people call in via a phone conversation to calm him down.

In the last part of the video, Jamal in a video call with a friend was seen pointing a gun to his head and replying to the caller…, “Yo I Love You All I Got To Go… Hello, Yo I Love You All I Got To Go”.

The family have requested privacy, asking people to stop sharing the viral video on social media.

Reactions On Facebook About Jamal’s Death

Charlie Harper wrote – Jodeci this is Uncle Bubba, I just heard what’s going on. Your life means a lot to your family, Jesus and your family loves you and we are praying for you Nephew.

QuannyLo wrote – Forever locked on wit me on my soul yu the most real nigga in the world to me I love you bruh I know what you want for us we got you 5life forever wit Tha Mac.

Brosia Bridges Wrote – I’m so hurt behind this one baby. I wish you would have opened up. Men hurt too‼️you will forever be in my heart. I love you.

Shalunda Mcelralth wrote – Why didn’t you tell me this was going on while we were on the phone??? JD you promised to call me right back.

A Family Member Wrote This On Facebook About Jamal

This is not the news I was expecting! My daughter isn’t that close to a lot of people on her Dad’s (my ex-husband) side of the family. But Jodeci (her Uncle JoJo is what she called him) was the one person she talked to consistently.

He just called us literally a few days ago. I’ve never seen my daughter this tore up. This is her first real experience with death as her Paw Paw Henry died while she was much younger and really didn’t understand it. I don’t even know what to say. If y’all could text her and send her some kind of encouragement I’d greatly appreciate it because I am lost and tore up my damn self. Jodeci and I were very close as well.

He always checked up on us no matter how long his brother and I have been divorced. No matter where he was. He was hitting my phone. We know the REAL Jodeci. The one who would give his last for his family. He would always end the phone with “I love you sis you’re doing a damn good job with my niece and I thank you for that.” Or “I love you, my beautiful niece.

You’re so smart and beautiful.” Who just call us randomly and start clowning and roasting or playing music loud as hell in the background. Who would randomly cash app me money to give to Aviona. Who never forgot my child’s birthday. Nothing! He couldn’t be there physically he was definitely FaceTime’ing and any time he was close to us he called and made sure he saw her before he left to go back to Texas.

He loved God. He loved his family. He loved music. He was a good person. That’s what we choose to remember. I told you then and I will say it now. You will forever be my brother cause you always treated me with the utmost respect and love as your big sister.

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