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Zara Anne Elizabeth Tindall and husband celebrates the arrival of their new baby boy “Lucas Philip Tyndale”



Zara Anne Elizabeth Tindall MBE a member of the British royal family has given birth to a baby boy on the floor of the family toilet, said her husband Mike Tyndale.

Confirming this on Wednesday was a spokesman from the royal family said the baby boy who was born weighing 4 kilograms was named Lucas Philip Tyndale.

Her husband also shared the news through a podcast of his “Good, Bad” and “Rugby” the proud father said: ‘Sunday got even better as a little boy arrived at my house. Yes, brilliant, last night at six o’clock. ”

The former English rugby player told how the baby arrived so quickly that they did not even have time to get to the hospital, which meant that his wife had to give birth on the bathroom floor.

He added. “Fortunately, my ara’s friend, Dolly, is actually more powerful than I am, convinced that he was at the birth of my three children, he was there. went into the bathroom, towels down, fastened the shoulder strap.

“Fortunately, the midwife who was going to meet us at the hospital was not far away, so she got in the car, got to where we were in that position, and then the second midwife came right after she came to her senses.

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