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Traffic has been restricted this morning in N1road near Roodepoort due to fog and cloudy weather condition (Photos)



Poor visibility and driving conditions have been reported on the N1 in Roodepoort due to fog and cloudy weather condition.

Commuters and vehicular operator has been warned to take care on the roads while driving.


At some stage, all drivers are challenged by bad weather conditions. Many unfortunately underestimate the adjustments needed in driving technique.

It has been advised by Researchers and statisticians who found that 24% of all crashes occur during adverse weather conditions, including ice, snow, and rain.

In South Africa, we are accustomed to driving in beautiful sunny weather most of the time.

Many a young driver has a drivers’ licence but has never had to deal with the challenges presented by adverse weather conditions.

It is the duty of the driver to know how to adjust his driving to meet conditions on the road he travels.

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