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The controversial Boulders mall manager who told a customer that he can’t enter the mall because he was dressed in traditional attire has been identified



This is the Boulders mall manager Jose Maponyane,  He is the man in a red suit in the video from clicks who told Thando Mahlangu that he can’t enter the mall because he was dressed in traditional attire which he called inappropriately.

Mr Jose Mapnyane was the Centre Manager seen verbally attacking a man clad in traditional attire, accusing him of wearing in an “indecent” manner in a public place.

The incident took place in the Clicks store in Midrand, on Wednesday afternoon.

According to a customer who was in the store, who would only speak on condition of anonymity, the Centre Manager, known as Jose Maponyane, confronted a customer, Thando Mahlangu, who was clad in his Ndebele attire, accusing him of dressing in an appropriate manner.

Maponyane can be heard in the video saying he would not condone the outfit at “in my mall.”

“Let’s cut the long story short, we’ve got a right of admission. I don’t condone this in my mall. So, ngicela uphume (please leave),” Mapoya can be heard saying.

Mahlangu was quick to remind Maponyane that his attire was African in Africa, to which Maponyane insisted that the attire was “not descend” in a public space.

Some people are saying he is not from Click as it as earlier reported, and Click in a new development has decided to distance themselves from the report.

“The guy is not from Clicks dude, he owns the mall. Get your facts straight. A black business owner did not allow a black person in traditional attire to enter Clicks. Clicks are actually suing the black mall owner!”


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