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Missing Florida woman who stayed in an 8-foot storm sewer system for about 3 weeks has been found



A missing Florida woman has been found after staying in an 8-foot storm sewer system for about 3 weeks.

Lyndsey Jane, 43 got trapped in the storm drain system after she swam into a canal near her boyfriend’s house on March 3, an incident report obtained by The Post shows.

She was reported missing earlier this month, her mother while relating the incident said her daughter who has a history of mental illness and often uses drugs, met a threshold near the shallow canal and noticed a tunnel.

“She claimed that she became curious as to where the tunnel led and continued to follow it,” the incident report reads. “That tunnel led to another tunnel and so on until she realized that she was lost. Kennedy claimed she had been walking around the sewer system for approximately 3 weeks.”

Kennedy, who was found naked in the dirt with a scratched knee and hair on her head, said she saw “some light” above the storm outlet where she was found and decided to sit there because she knew people were walking upstairs.

A woman called police to report the startling find, a 911 call obtained by The Post shows.

“Hi, yes, there’s somebody stuck in a sewer over here on Atlantic and 11th Avenue,” the caller told a dispatcher. “There’s a lady stuck in the sewer, yes … she can’t get out, she’s screaming for help.”

Kennedy’s boyfriend reported her missing to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office on March 3, police said.

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