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Krissy Duffy: What Happened To Her!



Tonight’s The Repair Shop ended in sad mode as Krissy’s parents, Gil and Sue Duffy went on a memory lane by bringing in their late daughter’s trophy.

According to her Krissy’s parent, she took her own life in 2001 after suffering from depression.

Narrating what happened her dad explained, One weekend she came over to stay with us – she was really, really down, not like her at all. She was depressed.

“She underwent all sorts of treatments and tablets and so on, but really, it didn’t get much better.

“And one morning in 2001 we woke up, and she’d taken her own life.”

A social media, Tiffany Gordon stated that Krissy died very young and in a tragic manner.

I heard she died very young in tragic circumstances. Very sad indeed Pete. She was very friendly with Claire Rhodes, but I lost touch with Claire some years back.

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