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Checkout pictures from the scene of the shooting in Boulder supermarket based in Colorado



Dozens of armored vehicles, ambulances and armed personnel, including FBI and SWAT agents, were deployed to the scene of the shooting that took place in one Colorado supermarket.

The suspect whose identity is still not yet disclosed at the moment have been arrested was injured and in custody, police commander Kerry Yamaguchi told reporters, following the incident at the King Soopers supermarket in Boulder, a city located about 50 kilometers northwest of Denver, the capital of Colorado where 10 people died.

“ There are several people killed in this incident. And I regret to report that one of them was a Boulder police officer, “said Yamaguchi, without confirming the number of deaths or the possible motive of the attacker.

Two other witnesses told the local Denver Post that they were about to leave the supermarket when the shooter opened fire: “He didn’t say anything,” said one of them, who preferred to remain anonymous: “He just went in and started shooting.” “He fired a couple of shots, then he was silent, then he fired a couple more. He wasn’t firing bursts, ” said another.

Later, customers who had been herded to safety outside the store were sitting wrapped in blankets and talking to lifeguards.

Some broken windows could be seen on the front of the store. Through a loudspeaker, authorities said the building was surrounded. They asked that the aggressor come out unarmed and with his hands up.


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