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In Pictures: More than 20,000 people attended late Tanzanian president Magafuli’s burial



People in Dar es Salaam weren’t okay with the time they got to bid farewell to President Magufuli.

They broke the airport gate and entered the runway to watch his corpse being moved to Dodoma. They waved goodbye while singing sadly.

20,000 people attended his national funeral it shows that he was a hero who brought economic prosperity into the country, according to reports Magafuli never used as a puppet by the west and never danced to their tunes.

“Whilst Tanzanian elites are throwing parties celebrating the demise of Magufuli, the poor youths are doing the opposite. This was filmed by a Tanzanian pilot 2 hours ago as the youths breached security & pushed the airport fence down to see the aeroplane carrying Magufuli in Dar.”

He was one of a few other African Presidents whose leadership was people-centred, Our Tanzanian brothers and sisters have tangible reasons to mourn their leader.

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