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Arizona man who held 11 National Guardsmen with vaccines at gunpoint in Texas has been identified



A 66-year-old man from Arizona has been arrested for holding 11 National Guardsmen with vaccines at gunpoint in Texas.

His name is Larry Lee Harris, he has been arrested for cutting off a caravan of National Guardsmen east of Lubbock, Texas on Monday morning and holding them up at gunpoint.

According to reports, Harris followed the convoy, which was on its way to deliver the COVID vaccine, east of Matador, Texas, at a truck stop in Lubok, and more than once tried to pull the vans off the road.

He then blocked them, forcing them to stop, turning into an oncoming march.

Harris got out of his car and pointed a gun at the then-uniformed but unarmed security guards, saying he was an investigator and needed to search for the cars.

Reports gathered from the local news agency 1011 Now said, although all 11 members of the guard were unaware at the time, he later claimed that he thought he was pursuing the abduction.

Police arrived at the scene in Idallo, Texas. They were able to disarm and arrest Harris, detaining him without incident.

Harris has now been charged with felony criminal mischief.

These include interference with the Texas military, the image of a civil servant, illegal restraint, a brutal assault with a deadly weapon, and more.

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