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Todd Chesser – What Happened To Him?



What You Need To Know About Todd Chesser! – Todd Chesser was a big wave surfer in Hawaii who died on February 13, 1997, three days before his 29th birthday. Reports have it that Chesser drowned to death.

He was one of the cast members of momentum, the iconic 1992 surf movie produced by Taylor Steele.

Born on February 16, 1968, in Florida. Todd moved with his amateur surfing champion mother Jeannie to Hawaii at age three in the wake of his surfer father being killed in an automobile accident.

Todd who also wrote articles for Surfer magazine died at the age of 28 on February 13, 1997, at the surfing spot alligator Rock between Waimea BAY and Chun’s Reef in Hawaii after he got caught in a massive wave and subsequently drowned in the ocean.

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