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Hollywood actress Halle Berry shares a throwback pics of her and her beloved daughter as she celebrates her 13th birthday



Popular Hollywood actress Halle Berry in an emotional mood shared rare pictures of herself and her beloved daughter as she marks her 13th birthday.

The 54-year-old mother of two celebrated the 13th birthday of her daughter Nara, She officially became the mother of the teenager, released a rare two-shot photo with Nara on this day, generously expressing her love for her daughter.

Congratulations on your 13th birthday” she said

I added a message. In the West, the age of 13 is recognized as a formal joining of “teenagers,” and the 13th birthday is special to parents. In general, it is in the midst of adolescence, where parental separation tends to accelerate, but Haru tells his beloved daughter around that age.

“No matter how many times I say I love you, I love my daughter more than that word.”

On Instagram, she conveys her generous love.

Celebrate the birthday of her beloved daughter Nara with 13 candles (image is a screenshot of “Halle Berry Instagram Story dated March 16, 2021”)

In the Instagram story, Hull also released a cake decorated with 13 candles. Actresses Viola Davis and Julianne Moore made congratulatory comments on this post, as well as a large number of fans.

“That Nara is already 13 years old!”
“Time is too early!”
“Now you’re officially a teenage mom!”

The cake has the number “13”, which means it’s a teenager (pictured is a screenshot of “Halle Berry’s Instagram Story, March 16, 2021”).

By the way, Nara was the first child Hull had with Canadian model Gabriel Aubry in 2008, and then her third husband, French actor Olivier Martinez (divorced in 2016).

In the meantime, in 2013, she gave birth to her second child, Maceo. Hull, who appeared on a TV show last year, talked about living a self-isolated life with two children and two dogs, but he burned his hands to the energetic (at that time) 6-year-old Maceo.

She often revealed a “something” episode of a boy and mom, saying, “There was a scene where I was harassed as if I was going to the hospital?” Just before the injury.


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