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Europa League 2021: Mourinho opens up after his team Tottenham was eliminated by Dinamo Zagreb in the last 16



Tottenham’s official coach, Mourinho has opened up on how he felt following his team elimination by Dinamo Zagreb in the last 16 of the 2020-2021 Europa League season.

Mourinho described the game as an unfortunate one for them and it feels more like sadness for Tottenham losing that game.

Tottenham Hotspur got eliminated after losing 3-0 to Dinamo Zagreb in the second leg of the 2020-2021 Europa League last 16, at the Maksimir Stadium, Friday (19/3).

Despite winning 2-0 in the first leg, the result was a bitter pill for Tottenham. Mislav Orsic became a nightmare after scoring a hat-trick.

“If I forget the last minutes of extra time, where we did something to get a different result and qualify, in 90 minutes and the first half of extra time is a team that decides to leave everything on the pitch,” Mourinho told BT Sport.

“They leave behind sweat, energy, and blood. In the end, they even leave tears of joy.”

These results make Jose Mourinhospeechless. According to him, what he felt was more than sadness.

“What I feel is much more than sadness. I just left the Dinamo dressing room where I complimented the players. I feel sorry that one of the teams did not win games based on attitude and compromise. I feel more than sad,” he said.

Jose Mourinho did not deny this result would be disappointing for the supporters. The Special One can only apologize.

“I can only apologize to the supporters of Tottenham Hotspur. I hope they feel the same way as me,” said Mourinho.

“Today is a game of life or death and we die. In some other games, I have the same feeling. Until the last day of the season, we have to try to do our best.”

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