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Canadian singer Justin Bieber features Nigerian latest Grammy award winner Burna Boy on his 6th studio album “Justice”



Nigeria’s African giant crooner and the latest Grammy award winner Burna Boy has been featured on Justin Bieber’s 6th studio album.

The 27-year-old Canadian singer, Justin Bieber’s sixth studio album ‘Justice,’ was released on Friday, March 19, Burna Boy is on Track 14, titled ‘Loved by You’.

“Justice” starts off the piano ballad “2 Much,” which is an ultra-romantic love letter to wife Hailey Baldwin, who served as his musical muse for much of the album.

“Don’t wanna close my eyes, I’m scared I’ll miss too much, Don’t wanna fall asleep, I’d rather fall in love / When I can’t feel you, I feel out of touch / Two seconds without you’s like two months,” he sings in the vulnerable chorus.

“Justice” is rife with love songs and embraces a more pop-vibe than Bieber’s previous album, “Changes,” which advertised a heavier R&B and hip hop influence.

LeriQ was among the producers of the song, LeriQ has been Burna BOy’s producer for a long time.

Burna Boy is still in the mood of celebrating after he winning his first Grammy award with the album he released last year titled “Twice As Tall”, an album that also got nominated for the “Best Global Music Album’ category.

Burna Boy is already making a wave in the global music sphere and many of his fans home and abroad are very much excited about his new recognitions which we all believe will possible bring in more international collaborations for him this year.

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